𝗣𝗿𝗼𝗴𝗲𝘁𝘁𝗼 𝗭𝗼𝗲 is a path of playful activities aimed at bringing deaf children, aged 7 to 11, closer to reading and writing, promoting their participation in social and cultural life. The stories will be told by a hearing actor and a signing deaf actor and facilitated by the sound compositions of a musician. The LIS interpreter will be present for the entire duration of the event.

Stanza Elementare is a multisensory artistic installation inspired by the four elements: earth, fire, air and water. The purpose of the performance is to reconnect the person to the heritage of shared sound memories that already belong to him and that inhabit the world around him. This is also achieved through the olfactory experience, with a series of dedicated fragrances. You enter one at a time, approaching the various experiences in succession. In the center, a sensory platform allows sound interaction even for the deaf through vibrations. The installation is part of the No Limits project, at the Pergine Festival and is fully accessible to people with sensory disabilities.

la stanza elementare


Soundwalkers it's a genuine listening project together with Francesca Stella Riva, aiming to explore the soundscapes outside and inside of us. We organize workshops and soundwalks for the community.


This workshop, led by musician and music therapist Tia Airoldi, wanted to explore the soundscape around and inside of us at the time of the pandemic.

By developing listening attitudes and working on the sampling and composition of the sounds that surround us every day, the group has developed a very personal inner creative path, discovering new spaces that, perhaps, we did not even know we had before.


Esercizi di Musibiotica it's an issue published on - Centro Studi Maurizio Di Benedetto (CSMDB) (ita) dealing with the musical energies that make us alive, throughout analysys and informal composition.


This sound - art installation represents a journey into the most ancient sound memories into the maternal womb to reconnect the individual to his own reality.

Sound has been made accessible to the deaf thanks to sensory platforms. The exhibition, organized by Associazione Culturale Fedora was presented in Milan, in the public library of Via Valvassori-Peroni in December 2019.