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"Un filo sottilissimo che unisce la veglia e il sonno ed un equilibrista sopra che passa dall'una all'altro con la maestria dei più grandi. Spegnete la luce, inforcate le cuffie e iniziate a sognare!

Lullabies è il nuovo lavoro di Tia Airoldi e Marco Gilioli, duo con alle spalle altre collaborazioni e ricerche musicali in seno alla band The Please."


"Lullabies" is a work of art created by Tia Airoldi and Marco Gilioli.
The duo here condensed their musical research in a pure and minimalist direction,
where smooth soundscapes are created by the joint embroidery of piano, voice and guitar,

with old-fashioned flavors.
Songs and synaesthetic experiences define the sound fabric and live performance

in a continuous reference to the boundaries between wakefulness and sleep.
A creation to transmit lulling, immersive and primarily human sensations,

exactly as in the intention behind the lullabies, the first form of

trans-modal communication and emotional attunement between individuals.

A Rivertale Production

Press: Costello's Agency

Portraits by  Carlotta Stracchi Villa

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